Am I Lucky Today


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Am I Lucky Today?

Am I Lucky Today is a web service that measures the daily luck (Luck Factor).

2. Is Am I Lucky Today free for use?

Yes, the service is free for use for all users.

3. How is the Luck Factor measured?

We measure it from -10 to 10. This means that -10 Luck Factor would be the worst luck (bad luck) you could have and 10 being the luckiest you could be. And zero is kind of a neutral state, no luck, neither good or bad.

4. How does the measuring of Luck work?

We measure Luck Factor with pretty complicated algorithm. It has more than 170 lines of code and uses more than 25 parameters (the picked option has a pretty small effect on the Luck Factor - about 7%) - some of them are personalized and some are random and result comes out to be your own personal Luck Factor.

5. Can I see the history of my Luck Factor by day? What about statistics?

Yes, registered users can see their day by day Luck Factor and also overall and monthly statistics. Just follow the link Stats in main menu.

6. Why do you register your time zone for this site?

Your Luck Factor will be changing every day at midnight for the time that you registered for.

7. What are possible improvements of service?

We will improve our service based on the feedback we hear from our users. So give us feedback about your ideas.

If you have any other questions, problems, or any suggestions, give us feedback and explain the whole situation. We will be happy to answer and respond to your submissions quickly.
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